25×47 Lapua How-To

This is a 25×47 Lapua how-to. If you are curious how to join the ever growing crowd of shooters using the .25 Caliber heavy bullets, but dont know where to start… Give this a quick read. We break it down. Straightaway, you can see the high BC numbers on the side of the box of 135 Grain Bergers. Until now, There were no viable high BC projectiles in the .25 caliber market.

This hopefully serves as a 25×47 Lapua How-to. With Berger Bullets producing high BC .25 caliber projectiles, it was only fitting we test this caliber out. We will be covering 25×47 Lapua how to in this write up and all the basic components you will need to pickup to start loading for it.

6.5X47 Full Length Sizing Die

First component that you will need is the dies. This gets a little confusing for some people so lets dig into this. 6.5×47 is the parent cartridge. If you already own match bushing dies for 6.5×47 then you are set. You will need the full length bushing sizer die, and a .282 bushing for .002 neck tension. Its as simple as that. Literally just swap the bushing to a smaller bushing.

6.5 Creedmoor Seater Die Can Be Used With a .257 Stem

The next component that you will need is the seater die. For the seater you can use the 6.5 creedmoor seater die or the 6.5×47 and switch the stem.

.257 Seater Stem

The next component you will need is the .257 seater stem for the die. They run for under $20.00 so you wont break the bank.

.282 Neck Bushing

Most every neck bushing from all the major manufacturers is interchangeable so do not worry about finding matching brands. For .001- .002 neck tension with Lapua brass, pickup a .282 bushing like previously stated. You can also pickup a .280 for .003 neck tension. We will be testing both to see if there is an advantage to either.

Clymer 25×47 Lapua Reamer

For our build, we decided to go with the Clymer brand chamber reamer. Clymer makes razor sharp reamers and coupled with BLACKJACKBULLETS.COM reamer specs specifically for the 131 Ace.

The 131 Ace is very similar to the Berger 135 Hybrid with .130 Freebore and a no neck turn design, so this is a no brainer. Blackjack made an amazing reamer design, notably maximizing the 25×47 case.

25×47 Lapua How-to

As you can see from this picture, the 25×47 design is a really good looking cartridge. Certainly the happy medium between the 6 and 6.5 and has the benefits of both.
You are going to want to run the faster twist rate barrels, particularily for the heavy .25 caliber projectiles. We went with a 1-7 twist to keep the RPMs up over the 7.5. If you are trying to run an 1-8 twist, consequently will likely not stabilize the bullet. Only run a 1-8 twist if you are running a long action cartridge or short magnum.

Blackjack Bullets Published Data

25×47 How-to was realatively easy to put together with help from http://Blackjackbullets.com help. Not only did they have awesome reamer options in stock, but enough data to get us going.

Blackjack bullets was cool enough to publish a quick load development spread sheet, ultimately to compare against the 25 Creedmoor. To demonstrate, you can see speeds north of 2800fps is relatively easy. As a result, should prove to be an awesome contender for the PRS scene.

More to follow with testing! Feel free to give us a like for more content and subscribe to our email list for a heads up when we post! blackjackbullets.com http://bergerbullets.com Applied Ballistics

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