Alpha Munitions brass

Have you been experiencing the struggle of finding quality brass? Does your brass only last a few fires before the primer pocket can no longer hold a primer? Are struggling to find a reason to run a cartridge such as a 6 Dasher or BRX? With all the drama that comes with running a cartridge such as a Dasher, who wants to make the switch? Especially knowing that every piece of brass has taken multiple fires to get it to where you can reliably use it in a match. No one wants to treat their brass like its a little golden nugget.

The benefits of running cartridges like a Dasher, are outwieghed by the cost of time and money invloved to maintain it. Until just recently, there were no viable options for brass, short of fireforming 6BR Lapua. Now with Alpha Munitions offering factory 6 Dasher brass, no longer is it a pain. It is as simple as ordering brass, and loading it like any other cartridge. A set of dies, a chambered barrel, and a magazine, and you are off to the range. This in particular simplified the 6 BRX for us. Run the 6 Dasher brass through a BRX die and fire it once, and we ready to rock and roll.\

Alpha Munitions 6 Dasher Brass

For this side by side comparison, were using a 6BRX. Alpha Munitions makes a factory 6 Dasher case that can be used for BRX. After a small shoulder bump on a BRX die, once fired dasher brass creates perfect BRX. Both Lapua and Alpha brass boasts a small primer pocket. One difference is the Alpha runs a larger flash hole.

Alpha Brass Is Thicker Than Lapua.

Alpha brass case volume is roughly .7 grains less volume than a fireformed Lapua case. Alpha was roughly 38.8 grains of water volume. Lapua was roughly 39.5 grains. This means the same charge weight of powder will yield higher pressure and velocity with Alpha. The alpha brass has a .001 thicker case rim. We saw the exact same performance between Lapua and Alpha brass with .5 less grains of powder using H4350 and the Alpha brass. This is important because it saves us component cost. Saving .5 grains of powder on every round adds up quick when you shoot as much as we do!

Factory Dasher Brass Elimates The Need For Fireforming.

With Alpha Munitions producing quality factory Dasher brass, this becomes a very viable option over fireforming. With the cost of components such as a primers and bullets, this is a no brainer. The Alpha brass comes in an awesome polymer case with foam for shipment, which is leaps and bounds above everyone else. So far this brass has left nothing to desire and will be the primary brass for the Dashers and BRX for competition. THE MOST POPULAR 6MM CARTRIDGES IN LONG RANGE SHOOTING
6 Dasher Brass MSRP is 125.00 for 100 cases. Solid price for the quality of the brass. With reloading your own ammunition, cutting corners with materials will cost you in performance. Start off right with this brass and it will pay for itself. We have seen zero difference in reliability with Alpha brass and the accuracy is the same. This brass pays for itself by not needing to conduct the fireforming process!

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