25×47 Lapua Load Development

For the 25×47 Lapua load development, we were using http://blackjackbullets.com published data to begin this process. We started with a 29.0” 1-7 twist barrel blank with 6 grooves from X-cal. We cut the barrel down to 27” and was chambered with a Clymer 25×47 reamer with .130 freebore. Using a .282 bushing for the die sizer die, which yielded .001-.002 neck tension with Lapua Brass.

The initial break in of 30 rounds yielding 2880 feet per second velocity and slowly peaked to around 2900 fps. As you can see from the chart, we started .030 off the lands and worked our way closer. The closer to the lands we got, the higher the velocity and the tighter the group. This yielded impressive results and ragged holes in paper at 100 yards

25×47 Lapua

So far our findings have been that this setup is really forgiving and simple to load for. This initial testing for the 25×47 Lapua load development coupled well with H4350 powder. Were going to continue to test this cartridge with some similar powders or faster such as the N150 powder from vhitavuori.com

VihtaVuori N150 Up Next for more testing

Its been said here before that if you start with quality components this process should be super easy. Lapua brass and any bullet that comes in a yellow box should be able to shoot tiny groups and perform downrange. For this build we specifically ordered a reamer to meet our requirements for freebore and case dimensions based around the Berger 135 Hybrid.

This reamer purchase coupled with a great barrel smith, has yielded great results. Ensure that your are going to meet your goals without running your ammo at an unsafe level. Do your research before trying to make something perform in a manner that it was not designed.

Berger 135 Grain Hybrid Target

One of the things we love about the Hybrid bullets from Berger is the forgiveness. Hybrids are advertised as being very jump insensitive and so far even with a 25×47 it continues to prove to be true. What we have seen with numerous cartridges is that you can almost just stick a Berger bullet in a case and it will shoot.

Checking the seating depth after you pick the charge weight and speed you want, should be a quick process. This requires less than 25 bullets of testing. Start with a jump and work your way towards the lands. Never load a bullet to where it jams and would result in becoming stuck if extracted. Most of the Hybrids yield the best results close to the lands. bergerbullets.com

Anneal your brass before load development

The final thing were going to leave you with is Annealing your brass. Not everyone has the means to afford a AMP annealer. With that being said, these yield the highest level of quality control in terms of neck tension. This was a great addition to get this load dialed in as quick as possible.

shop.ampannealing.com Applied Ballistics “Bullet Tipping”


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