The Grind

Back from a short break

The grind lately has been fierce. Here is a short rundown of where we have been and what we are up to.

We have been action packed, on the grind lately attempting to keep up with a killer combo of not only precision rifle matches, machine work on rifle builds, and personal life. It becomes almost a full time gig traveling to shoot and participate in these events and network with the community. Recently we shot the PRS two day Blue Ridge Rumble match in eastern Washington. Awesome event full of hectic weather and non stop action. Not our best finish, but all together we had a great time.

This was a scene from the 2022 Karstetter Memorial two day RTC team match. Absolutely gorgeous event to attend with a very challenging course of fire. This was probably one of the most fun stages involving a rusty vehicle as a platform to engage targets from. By far a personal favorite precision rifle match and the best part of the grind.

Blue Skies for a Memorial Match

Weather at some of these events can be one of the most challenging parts of it. Just being able to clearly see the targets can directly affect your performance. All together it creates a real world training opportunity that exploits the cracks in yourself and your equipment. Rain and visibility was the biggest factor day one this year. Rain on the glass is a stage killer that you have to fight through. I would put target acquisition as the number two biggest factor.

The Best of Them…

Having the opportunity to watch people shoot stages keeps your mind right. It paints a picture of what “right” looks like, or what “absolute failure” looks like. A perfect culmination of training and pre-stage prep. Something as simple as equipment diagnoses and identifying what works for everyone around you can dramatically help. I find that although everyone uses different equipment such as bipods or bags, the trend is not always the answer. Sometimes your way works best. Confidence and practice with your setup makes staying off the beaten path easy.
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The Grind

I found the threshold of my mental resilience at the PRS Blue Ridge Rumble. Day two I was mentally drained and lost focus mid day. It was a combination of boredom and sub-par performance. You shoot enough, even a big match can become boring. A note to self, (Sometimes you need to take a break from the sport.) We went overboard with training recently and thus game-day was a sub-par performance.
This serves a function as a checkup and to put out some information for more to come. Rifle builds and future projects we’re working on are coming up soon. Stay tuned for more. This is the grind.

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