6 months in the making of the 25BRX, we finally have some solid performance results. This was inspired by the 25×47 LAPUA project we worked on for a while. We realized that the limitations of the cartridge were not in fact the reamer or the bullet option, but merely the inherent accuracy potential of the X47 case.

Our goal with this cartridge was to push the 25 caliber Berger 135 Hybrid bullet at a viable PRS velocity to capitalize on the high Ballistic coefficient. Although the case capacity is only 86% roughly of the x47, the efficiency of BRX or DASHER case had promise that we would see the numbers we were looking for. This is not a caliber that has been used in this format. It required designing a reamer blueprint from scratch and having Manson Reamers deliver us the first of its kind. We decided to have the reamer’s free-bore specs maximize the length of the bullet in relationship to the small case and really hang it out. This would allow us to stuff an extra grain of powder behind the projectile and hit our target velocity with relative ease.

Custom Reamer from Manson Reamers…

One thing that was apparent to us, was the application of this cartridge in relationship to reamer specs. We did not want to run a tight neck chamber. In fact, we specifically chose dimensions to allow a more well rounded use application including suppressors or in adverse conditions. Problems always arise when you run a match chamber without neck-turning brass in adverse weather or austere conditions. The same can be said about the case web dimensions. All of these factors played a part in us taking our time and working with Manson Reamers to get this right.

Off to a solid start…

The initial break in on the barrel showed great promise. We did not have a really good start point for charge weight in powder using H4350. We opted to conduct a velocity ladder test to see generally what we were looking at for speeds and ironically we hit 2700FPS with ease. The charge weight we decided to stick with is the same as our 6BRX load with Berger 115s. For the break in we settled around 2670 FPS for the first 30 rounds. After gathering notes on speeds and finding a desired flat spot, We made a second trip to the range to tweak the seating depth. Jumping .020 to the lands was yielding 1/4MOA and 2675FPS with zero signs of pressure. The brass looked amazing and the chamber came out perfect. Nice sharp case angles and fed like butter. One thing to note, the Barrel being used is a 1-7 twist, 6 groove X-Caliber blank that was unturned. Finished the barrel contour by hand and the length is only 24” which slightly hinders the velocity numbers. For optimum match velocities, 24” is about as short as we go. Generally you want all the “free-speed” you can get from running a longer barrel.

Feeds from a standard AICS MAG.

One of the things we knew might come into play was the COAL of the 25BRX. We designed the reamer to hang the bullet out to maximize the case but in turn, made it so you cannot run the MDT BR magazines anymore unless you plan on jumping the bullets over .120 to the lands. This is not a bad thing! these rounds loaded to .020 off the lands feed amazing in the standard AICS pattern magazines. In particular the 25BRX work amazing in the MAGPUL P-MAGS and have hade zero feeding issues so far which is awesome for us shooters who own a bunch of these. The COAL for the loaded rounds with our spec chamber, is 2.560. Its almost identical to a 6GT overall length which was designed to run from a standard magazine also. Applied Ballistics HOW TO MAKE DENSITY ALTITUDE DATA CARDS


The AMERICAN RIFLE COMPANY NUCLEUS GEN 2 action coupled with the chassis setup and barrel combo makes for a real all around shooter. The 135 HYBRID and the 25BRX case has a short snappy recoil impulse. It is very similar to the Berger 115 6MM bullet in regards to recoil. Surprisingly this makes the gap between a big body case such as a Creedmoor, and the potent and hyper accurate BRs even smaller. Initially I was asked why not run a GT? Or why not run a Creed? Well the reason… Because the potential for creating something that is not mainstream adopted. It hits every single performance metric, and opens dialog about other caliber or cartridge setups for future competition of hunting applications. One of the biggest things in my opinion is efficiency. If you are wasting components such as powder in a case such as a Creed by running the same bullet less than 100 feet per second faster, then why not run something like this? I personally think that this is just one more venture into creating new things and staying off the beaten path. My final note, although these Berger bullets are not the cheapest available, they are available. That is one of the biggest things for us and the 25 caliber bullets. You can find them every day online for sale.


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    Why did you choose a BRX case and not a Dasher case?

    1. Mr.Wild says:

      Well for starters the history of the “Ackley Improved” shoulder angle and case modification was not established for benchrest purposes. It was to increase case capacity for more velocity potential. The 6BR and its general design had been around since the late 60’s and after mainstream adoption in target shooting and holding multiple standing records, or merely holding the undefeated status for 25 years or so for target shooters, it was only fitting that the two although similar are not equal. I believe the Dasher is more popular because the name is catchy. That is where I draw the line. The Dasher is very similar to the BRA where there are tighter velocity nodes and seem to be picky with powder types. We all know that the dasher will shoot tiny holes on paper. The BRX just seems to do it easier and has been proven at this point to not be picky with powders or anything else. The BRX and the Dasher are almost identical in case fill which is a wash. The BRX feeds a little better with less magazine issues from the steep shoulder angle of the dasher. I will also say that you cannot go wrong with either. It is merely preference. I did get some dialog from some other folks that said they tried 25 dasher with poor results. This could be from a multitude of things so I take all this with a grain of salt. My take on the whole thing, (long rant aside) we knew the reamer design we came up with would work well and did not have any shadow of a doubt that the performance was there.

  2. Jeff Scobie says:

    So knowing what you know now, regarding the 135 Berger jumping it more, would you think that reamer for the 25X47 or Creed or 25BRA should have a bit more freebore to allow that bullet to hang out there and still jump 60 to 120? What is the ideal freebore for this 135? Love your stuff guys, keep up the great work!

    1. Mr.Wild says:

      There was alot of issues with the 135 and trying to get them to shoot with the blackjack 25×47 reamer. Alot of this stuff isn’t as simple as the seat depth/powder charge. I designed the 25BRX to my specifications based off two 25x47s that were not shooting to “MY” standards. Now they shot well, but not like as Dasher or BRX. THUS THE 25BRX. What was interesting to me was the how that bullet was really fast. Even on the barrel I used at the regional finale for PRS, I was running a 23” barrel and still pushing them 2700fps from a BRX.
      We found that neck tension played a big role in the consistency and in regard to jump, we are running .015 off the lands and they seem to be hammering. We also noticed that the bullet does not like moderate or low pressure loads. Generally the spicy match loads that burned really clean, shot amazing. Any rifle will shoot its best with ammo that burns really clean optimizing efficiency. The challenge is finding something right on the edge of spicy match ammo, but is safe for water on rainy days.
      Also touching on the jump/jam thing… We found jumping .140 shot well but honestly, designing our own spec cartridge has sorted out a lot of the drama. Sometimes a cartridge or reamer spec just doesn’t work well. I don’t think the Blackjack x47 can touch the design we came up with. We spent alot of time on it and it seems to be working much better. I wont give you the exact specs, but it has a decent amount of free-bore. Lets us optimize the BRX case, and feed from a standard AICS.

  3. Zack S says:

    Awesome article. Very interesting read and really cool to see your process and reasoning/decision making.


    I built a 25×47 after reading your articles to go along with my 257 Blackbird. I am witnessing the same results as you. Shoots good, but not great. I like to tinker with cartridges and also started shooting F-Class and was looking for a High Power midrange cartridge that had a better chance of bucking the Texas wind, but not having to live with the cost and abuse of a full house.284 something. The 25×47 is not up to my standards for this. Very disappointing. I’m wondering if the 25 BRX might fit the bill. I do love the quarter-bore. Is Manson selling your designed reamer?

    1. MR WILD says:

      I just ordered a 25 creed reamer specific to the heavy pills and will post about it after I do some testing, my 25BRX was doing really well with the 134eldm but have yet to use it in a match yet. I think we have to wait and be patient for some other projectile offerings to come out in the 25-135+ range that are not so finicky. I believe part of the problem is the limited options for premium barrels with the proper twist rate. Ace barrels in Spokane told me that January or so will have single point cut rifle barrels available for the 25’s where I will be testing a couple different twist rates to get going with the 25 creed and possibly test the 25×47 again. All together for PRS the 25BRX is fine but I would like to be around the 2850-3000 range. Shoot me an email at

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