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Any competitor these days should be analyzing post-match results. Doing so in a data driven fashion to see where they fair against the competition enables growth in performance. Practiscore’s phone APP allows you to take a snap-shot of the results from a match and assess the data in a primitive fashion. This results in a better understanding the outcome.

Practiscore’s Phone App Home Screen

Opening Screen Search Function

Start by opening Practiscore’s phone App and searching the match by venue name, competitor name, email, or shooter number. For this example were using the Northwest Precision Rifle Series Regional Finale. Were going to use the venue title of the the match “Lead Farm.” This title pops up the given match we are searching for. Select desired match title.


Now It Begins…

Selection options such as “Divisions, and Individual Competitor Names” should be available for you to select. For this, the names are blacked out as they serve no function in this. The names of competitors or placings does not matter for this demonstration. On this screen there are menu options such as “Overall Stage Results, Class Results, Percentage of Overall Points, and Match Overall points.”

Applied Ballistics

Select Competitor #1

We select the first competitor to use as the basic metric for comparison against competitor #2 or more.

Looking At The Data…

Practiscore’s phone APP uses a bar graph per-stage to help you visualize the outcome of the match. The colors of the bars represent the competitor below. Each shooter has their own color designation. You can see immediately where one shooter outperformed the other on every stage during the event. Use this data to see things such as day-to-day results. Look at how day one, stages 1-10, both competitors performed at a lower level than day two, stages 11-20. This can be a result of many things including weather conditions, difficulty of stages, or mental state. In this circumstance, it was significantly more technical wind conditions day one, stages 1-10.

You can scroll through specific stages that you were struggling on and get a better mental picture on things you need to work on as a competitor. Some stages such as a PRS “SKILLS” stage are a really good assessor of where you are against another shooter. That type of stage is very controlled and standardized so the metrics are pretty clear. You can also use stages that we would call a “separator” such as a long range, low hit-factor stage to see why someone picks up points against you in the same setting.

Comparing Against Multiple Competitors with Practiscore’s phone APP

Remove Competitor With A “Swipe Left”

All together, Practiscore’s phone APP is really simple to use and interesting to see results. I see it as a basic tool that a competitor should periodically use to assess their performance. If you are at the point where you are on the bleeding edge of winning, this can help you better understand what you need to focus on to take it to the next level. Play around with the App to see all the functionality of it. It’s not perfect, but there is definitely some solid data to pull from it.

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