November Guardian Match 2022

Dropping in for a quick match update from this month. Seems like the east-coast boys are on a “hot streak.” Below are photos from the November Guardian Match 2022 at Arena Training Facility, Georgia. This will be now two matches in a row for these guys with podium finishes. Not too bad! Congrats on the strong finish and we are glad to see the carbon fiber barrel hammers!


One of the variations of team matches are “Sniper” style or unknown-distance matches. These matches require you to be outfitted with particularly important equipment such as range finders and spotting equipment. You can see Kory in the above photo using a weapons-mounted range finder. Another thing to note, is the importance of being able to range targets using the mil-relation formulas. I would highly recommend a team brush up on them and write them down on your person somewhere in-case you are in a pinch and cannot use range finders. My final note on this topic of gear, is generally what you pack is what you carry. Pack light! Heavy-fill shooting bags might not be in your best interest… Or go to the gym!

Cohesion is key

I am a firm believer that the team matches are the best around. It helps to grow the sport, and more important to us, exercise your rights to keep and bear arms. No sense in getting into shooting if you do not do it with your friends, family, and community.

If you ask me, these are some pretty flawless rifles. Anyone who has shot multiple team will tell you that matches tend to go smoother when you are running matching rifles. Obviously that is not a financial practicality for most people. An easy way to sort that out… shoot the same caliber as your buddies at a minimum. If that is not going to work, make sure to get a little practice on their setup in the event you run their gear. Bear with me folks, a lot of this goes without saying. If this is new to you, in time you will come to the same conclusions.

If you ain’t FIRST…. you’re last!

Big thanks to Full Send Precision Rifles for helping get these guys squared away. Thanks for stopping by to checkout the November Guardian Match 2022!

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