Humble beginnings…

The plan from inception never changed with Full Send Precision Rifles. The goal was to put together some of the finest precision rifles in the country. Sacrificing nothing, and meeting or exceeding expectations in every possible scenario with the most premium precision rifle builds. “Rome was not built in a day.” Every person who builds precision rifles has a level of expectations that they are will to commit to. The competition is stiff, and justly so. Gunsmiths in the U.S. have been pouring their hearts and souls into their craft with the same goals.

Why Full Send?

The conversation has been brought up countless times of recent days… “What makes you any different than the next gunsmith? Why should I bring you my business?” This is the most important question undoubtably anyone could possibly ask. (Full disclosure, my current match guns are fit and chambered at Full-Send Precision Rifles. I share this so there is no confusion as to the relationship with the business owner.)

Nothing leaves unless it is perfect.

We spoke to a few people about the, “Why should I give you my business?” question. Seems to be a reoccurring trend amongst precision rifle shooters. I believe there comes a point where you realize that the person who is molding the piece of steel has to have a commonality of interest. “I want to win, they want to win. Plain and simple. Sacrifice nothing.” without a doubt, we use verified products that have been proven to perform, and do not sell a bag of goods you cannot produce. Clearly seems to be a simple and winning recipe.

So easy a monkey can do it… so they say.

A mentor to the community recently said, “Any smith will agree that a monkey with a lathe can chamber a barrel.” I do not disagree with that statement. What I do disagree with is the part where the monkey does it correctly. “I would like the opportunity to earn people’s business. Not through words, but through attention to detail and flat-out performance. NOTHING LEAVES UNLESS IT IS PERFECT.” With this statement, I believe that the future is bright with Full Send Precision Rifles.

Like a fine wine, getting better and better with age.

Full Send Precision Rifles has an opportunity to bring the precision rifle community back to its roots in the Tacoma area. Every large manufacturer has the ability to process builds using the latest CNC machines and pump pre-fit custom chambered barrels out like hot cakes. This is the part where the question of, “Why should I give you my business?” becomes relevant. There is no question that a CNC cut precision rifle barrel will hammer. What I believe is the separator is the final fit and finish. Over the past year, the quality of precision rifle builds have grown exponentially and I can say that they have come such a long way. Using insight from multiple other career or grassroots gunsmiths and competitive shooters from across the country, Full Send Precision Rifles is pushing every day to offer the best.

Recommended Barrels by Full Send Precision Rifles tend to be single-point cut rifled barrels. particularly companies such as Krieger Barrels usually end up being the heart of any build. This alleviates the question of “premium.” It also seems to be the best investment in regard to performance. While many of the competitors produce really quality products, there is a difference with the premium brands of barrels. Obviously companies such as Proof Research seem to take the cake with offerings for carbon fiber wrapped lightweight barrels for precision rifles which often find themselves on a Full Send rifle. http://fullsendfirearmsandammo.com
The attention to detail and the final “fit and finish” is why I believe Full Send Precision Rifles has only upward movement in it’s future. For a new company in the precision rifle community, it is hard to stand out amongst the slew of amazing smiths in the area. The push to continue growing and finding the best possible method for machine work, while also using the rifle builds in competition, is another ingredient to success.
The past few years here in Washington, I realized that there is not very many custom shops on the west-side. The convenience of having a rifle builder here in the Tacoma area indeed opens up opportunities to support the coastal folks.
Full Send Precision Rifles has been working closely with multiple other vendors and custom shops in the area particularly “Lead Core Customs” for Cerekote paintjobs such as this.
This rifle used at the 2022 Precision Rifle Series Regional Finale was built at Full Send Precision Rifles last minute using a Custom spec Reamer designed in collaboration with one of the mentors in the community Mr. Vargas. Nevertheless, the rifle performed extremely well resulting in a top 15 finish. It is chambered in 25BRX and looks like a solid performing setup going into next year. THE 25BRX


From the beginning there was a mutual interest in building precision rifles. My background as a military Sniper lead me to competition in 2018. Over the past few years, I have made countless friendships with some of the best machinists in the area. Furthermore, this gave me the opportunity to learn a new trade and begin my journey down the rabbit hole. I will say that like any business, there is always stiff competition and expectations are high. In the beginning of Full Send, multiple points of friction or techniques resulting in changes being made to procedures, have boosted the overall quality. This includes tooling thanks to other gunsmiths such as the owner of Northwest Armswerks.

The journey has just begun…

It goes without saying, that Full Send would not be where it is today without their leadership and expertise. Moreover, the overly generous support from the local community. I have watched the generous hand of support be offered to the owner of Full Send Precision Rifles. He has respectfully and graciously absorbed every single piece of advice or help that has been given to him. Full Send Precision Rifles is currently where all my match rifles are built. If it were not for people like them, I would not be where I am today. Also, I want to extend a “thank you” to the team of mentors and friends that have continued to push all of us to create the highest quality rifles possible. Finally I want to say that with every rifle built, unquestionably the bar gets raised. Give Full Send Precision Rifles an opportunity to earn your business.


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