We took a poll on what a few competitive shooters like and decided to create some downloadable training targets for everyone.

One of the most fun stages in a PRS style match are the “KNOW-YOUR-LIMITS” stages. They push the capability of not only the shooter but the rifle and the ammunition. This target features a roughly 2 MOA large target down to a .5 moa small with varying shapes. Be sure to fit to scale so it uses the whole sheet of 7×11 copy paper. FULLSENDFIREARMSANDAMMO.COM

Downloadable Training Targets

The idea behind this one was creating not only a downloadable training target for basic load development, but offering different shapes with a measuring bar to measure group size. We felt the mix and match of shapes will lend well to having the user be able to choose the shape or point of aim without forcing the groups. We also decided to add a data section to the bottom corner to transfer any information needed so you can save the target for later. Be sure to fit to scale and use the whole 7×11 paper.

Blackjack Target

We get tired of shooting boring targets. This one can feature as not only a zero target, a target ID one, but also a challenge target. This target lends well to .22LR at 50 yards. Fit-to-scale to get the proper size of all the shapes.


Finally a zero target that we have tried out and seems to be a really fun one. You can use this one also to serve a function of shooting practice prone stages. Fit this puppy to-scale just like the others! Enjoy. Applied Ballistics

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  1. NW Armswerkes LLC Brett Evans says:

    The various shapes available on these targets allows for recognition drills. You could color them in and add another training dimension.

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