Its been a long time coming…. Lets dig into this! This is the Defiance Deviant Tactical review you have all been waiting for. When it comes to high-end precision rifle actions, there isn’t many actions better than this. With anything good in this world, there are pros and cons to everything. Let me start by saying We have zero affiliation with Defiance Machine.

This Defiance Deviant Tactical action is owned and paid for by us and this review is based off personal experiences. I also want to clearly state that with any reviews we do, there are no slam-pieces with nothing but negative statements made. They are all made with objective points of view and critiques based off of time behind the equipment.

Remington Pattern

Defiance Machine makes some of the sexiest looking actions in the game. As you can see, we did not clean this action for a staged photoshoot. This action has thousands of rounds on it, with multiple barrels, and tons of matches. This action is made from pre-hardened aircraft certified 416 stainless steel. The bolt is a 1-piece from 4130 chrome moly.

The actions feature 1.0625”x16TPI threads and an integral mil-spec 1913 top scope rail in 0, 10, 20, and 30 moa. These actions run a standard Remington pattern for the most popular chassis options on the market.
The bolts for these actions have a long swept bolt handle that is smooth and seamless. The bolt is fluted and looks amazing. They run a two lug and ar15 style extractor and a spring loaded ejector.
As you can see in this picture, the bolt is long and dramatic. This leaves enough real-estate to get a solid purchase on the bolt knob while running the bolt.
The bottom of this action is cut to run Accuracy International Artic Warfare magazines. They run standard drop in Remington triggers. They sport the integral recoil lug and run Remington pattern chassis’ dimensions.

Beautiful Spiral Fluted Bolt

Here you can see the spec I measured from the front of the bolt.

Every Measurement Is Exact

This shows just how perfect these actions and bolts are. Every measurement is exact. Defiance Deviant tactical actions boast a .001 variation from action to action.
Alright, now onto the overview. This Defiance Deviant Tactical Action and I have a love-hate relationship. The owner has mixed feelings too. We have concluded that this action is amazing for certain applications. The tolerances are incredible and it feels like a tank. When you can keep these clean, and maybe a drop of oil on the bolt, they’re smooth as glass.

Since I have been running this, it has been in a 6×47 Lapua and has not caused me any drama. The issues arise when it is dusty out at eastern Washington matches and the action becomes incredibly sticky and almost fails to function. Again, nothing you cannot fix with some parts cleaner and some lube, but you have to plan around the action getting gummed up.

When its the correct environment, they are unbeatable. Not only do they look amazing but they feel solid. The tolerances are worth bragging about. Measuring the pros and cons, all we came up with is…. Depending on where, or how you plan on using this action, it may or may not be your best choice. I had a great time running this recently, but have seen it at it’s worst.

I still give this high marks because I know what Defiance produces, which is the best of the best. Any tool has to be maintained. This is a tool. Take care of it, and it will take care of you. Thank you Mr. Perez for letting me run this action. It has been a blast. Feel free to give us a like for more content and subscribe to our email list for a heads up when we post! HOW TO MAKE DENSITY ALTITUDE DATA CARDS

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