American Rifle Company Nucleus

After running the American Rifle Company Nucleus action for 9 months, I finally have a user review for the team. I have ran the American Rifle Company Nucleus with multiple calibers, and several different precision rifle matches. Rain, snow, dust, and everything in between. By far one of the most reliable actions I have used….

Kelbly’s Atlas Tactical Action

We love getting our hands on new rifle actions. We secured a Kelbly’s Atlas Tactical action a short time ago and have been very impressed so far with the performance. In a market where everyone is creating premium products with very robust designs and precision machining, it is getting harder and harder stand out. Kelbly’s…


Anytime we have an opportunity to share with you something that is a great deal in either value or performance, we try to make it a priority to get the information out. You will start to see a trend here that we like the deals! CONTROL ROUND FEED”GETS IT DONE” WITH THE BR CLASS CARTRIDGES!…

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