“Back to the Basics”

Building a proper foundation for marksmanship is paramount. Sticking to the basic fundamentals of marksmanship, mastering them, and pursuing the “student mindset” is key to success with shooting long range.

Lets dig in to some things that are often overlooked….

First, mindset. Clear mind = laser focus.

With anything you do in long range shooting you need to clear your mind and only worry about the task at hand.

Second, remember why you are there. There comes a point where you find yourself doing things that you do not enjoy. A bad day shooting long range, is still better than a good day at work. FUN-damentals.

Third, hard work and training will be displayed by your performance. Long range shooting takes a lot of prep, practice, education, and focus. You generally don’t accidently show up to a precision rifle match and do well without having put in some time. Do your time, do well.

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