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We have been trying to get some reps with the American Rifle Company XYLO chassis recently to provide an honest review. The chassis was given to us by a local competitor and mentor to the shooting community who was gracious enough to let us hammer on this thing. So far, we have pretty much nothing but high praise!

Coming in at $1099.00 MSRP, it is a really solid deal for what you get. The XYLO chassis were running has the weight kit which makes this thing feel like a tank along with the spigot mount to extend the bipod range. Some people have said that they think it is an eye sore. I personally think about “function-over-form” personally, but in this case I actually think it looks amazing. I tend to not follow the “group-think” with rifle design. The XYLO features a wood grip that is CNC machined and open source. Because of this, you can modify or make them yourself from anything you want. The grip angle is not my preferred angle but it grows on you and feels really neutral which is always my recommendation. HOW TO MAKE DENSITY ALTITUDE DATA CARDS


I noticed at first that the chassis has a hybrid sensation to it….Clearly. Anyone that is used to traditional stocks will appreciate the design. The chassis features an integrated ARCA rail that has the locking notches in it for locking ARCA mounts for bipods. Another cool detail that consequentially assists in its stability on a PRS style barricade bag. The chassis comes apart with basic tools and it’s Marine-proof. I enjoyed the rigidity of it. Seemed to recoil like a bench-gun in a vice. Little to no movement, and keeps the muzzle climb down with a proper setup. For the review we dropped an ARC Nucleus action with a 6BRX pre-fit we chambered as a test barrel. DOWNLOADABLE TRAINING TARGETS


One thing that is unmistakable is a rifle and how it balances. There is more to that than the chassis. We clearly understand that. But with that being said, all we did was drop a barreled action into the XYLO chassis and it was perfectly settled and was crushing targets out to 1000 yards off a heavy fill pint-size gamechanger no problem. It very rare that a chassis feels as settled as one of these without serious time invested into getting it just right. One thing to mention is how the cheek riser for the comb-height feels. At first it was seriously annoying but it grew on me. I have a few design modifications that can take it to the next level, but for this I will agree that it is pretty good. The lockup of the cheek riser is really good. No complaints there.


Touching on the spigot mount once more, this part is a serious diving board but is super rigid and I think it looks great. This picture you can see the profile of this chassis. It has an amazing profile and looks amazing in black with the wood contrast. The length-of-pull is adjusted with a quick adjust lever interface that works really well. My only comment is, for a longer length of pull, there is a slight resonance to it. That can be fixed with a cable tie or zip-tie. The rear of this chassis is using the weighted bag-rider and feels amazing in the prone. Something to note, is how the chassis does take some time to figure out exactly where it needs to be in relationship to other setups. It is definitely unique.

The subtle machine work and the logo engraving looks amazing. All together this chassis is up there with the “best bang for the buck” of any of the chassis options we have ran thus far. This chassis only runs the AICS pattern magazine. That’s something consider is you are trying to run the AW cut actions with the AW magazines. The magazine catch features and adjustable locking mechanism to perfectly tune the magazine to the action. The chassis in this review is fully outfitted and runs somewhere in the $1600.00 range.
If you are looking for a premium package and want something made in America with really awesome customer service, contact American Rifle Company for more information. This XYLO chassis is definitely worth the money.

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