We have this Beautiful 300 PRC for sale starting today! This rifle has a Kelbly’s Atlas Tactical Long action fitted with a Bartlein 1-9 barrel chambered in 300PRC. It comes with a APA XXL muzzle brake and a Geissele 2-stage trigger. The chassis is a long action KRG bravo, heavily modified with some one-off parts including the XL spigot mount and the buttstock spacer. Checkout below to see the build! CONTACT GOATVALLEYPRECISION@YAHOO.COM

Kelbly’s actions are one of our favorites.


Above is the finished XL spigot mount made from 6061 aluminum. Finished with a black Cerekote finish and a picatinny rail. The Picatinny generally works better for the heavier recoiling calibers. Arca works fine too but the bipod position can shift under recoil. Picatinny sorts this out.


Cerekote colors used were OD-green and dull white. The spigot and buttstock spacer were Cerekote “Elite Series” black.
Fresh off the mill! The chassis required machine work to get the desired barrel clearance. Once the chassis cuts were complete, all threaded holes were chased and cleaned up. Aluma-black was used to treat the aluminum and turn back to black finish. This chassis also required a small back-cut to clear the trigger hanger on the Kelbly’s action. All together, ended up being a really nice fit with the “truck-axle” barrel.


Above is the finished cuts and holes required to mate this spigot with the KRG chassis in raw aluminum.
Beginning stages of the spigot mount are seen above.

Initial unfinished piece fit well and had the desired look we were going for.
Above is a shot of the raw buttstock spacer. One of my personal gripes with any stock is not having a length of pull suitable for someone taller. This piece sorts this out.
The lighting at Full Send Precision Rifles worked well to display the colors in the Cerekote.
CONTACT GOATVALLEYPRECISION@YAHOO.COM for this limited edition build. Thanks team!
Lucky for you, This rifle comes with a load dev already conducted! Hit the ground running with this rifle. This rifle is a real hammer. Do not miss out on a rifle like this!300 PRC LOAD DEVELOPMENT

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