25×47 Load Development Update

We have some interesting updates on the 25×47 and the 135 grain Berger Hybrids.

We have a 25×47 load development update. First, the test barrel has 350 rounds through it. From the previous data we published, the barrel was fresh with less than 100 rounds through it. Equally important, now we can actually establish baseline velocities. With that being said, this caliber is fast! Were seeing velocities north of 2900 FPS with Berger 135 grain Hybrids but no pressure signs. Bergerbullets.com
The test barrel is a .250 bore, .257 caliber, 1-7 twist, 6 groove from X-caliber. The barrel started as an unturned blank and was finished at 26.5” long. With all that out the way, now you understand the start point.


Berger Bullets claims that the hybrid bullets they produce are jump insensitive. This means that the accuracy should be relatively easy to obtain coupled with the 135 grain Berger Hybrid. Conversely, this has not been the case so far. We have found some interesting things with the seat depth of these bullets. Right off the bat, we were mildly struggling to find accuracy around the lands. With the initial load development yielding roughly 1/2 moa, we were in the pursuit for better performance. Above is a 5 shot group at 100 yards with quite a large jump of .090 off the lands. Berger claims that you should start .015 off the lands to roughly .030. We didn’t find the best accuracy there unless we bumped the charge weight up to 40.8 grains of H4350 at the .015 seat depth. On the other hand, we saw roughly 1/2 moa and some insane speeds. We saw 2985FPS with 40.8 grains of H4350.


We found that the 135 grain Berger Hybrid is capable of some serious speed. We saw 2985FPS with 40.8 grains of H4350. So far there is two options for decent accuracy. Its either you jump them roughly .090 or more, or you start at the lands and pump the charge weight up. The 40.4 grains H4350 load did well with a big jump but the velocity dropped off to roughly 2925FPS. All these velocities are verified using a Lab Radar. 25×47 Lapua How-To

Final Thoughts…

The final thoughts at this point is that we need to revisit some different data points. We are finding decent accuracy with two different speed nodes. The one variable we have not coupled together yet is the higher charge weight with a big jump. Additionally we have not tried a bullet jump over .090. Stay tuned for more load testing with this bullet and caliber. Were looking to reshoot this load development with a very large jump starting from .120-.180. We should be able to find something to tighten these groups up, despite decent accuracy thus far. Also revisit the 40.8 charge weight and play with the jump again and see if we can find a one hole group. All together the performance is promising. Above all were seeing more than we expected for velocity, which is exciting and should be a real contender for rifle matches.


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