25×47 Load Development 2.0

As we culminate everything we have learned so far with 25×47, we have finally found the results we desired. With the 25×47 Load Development 2.0 update, the future is looking promising.

We will begin the 25×47 load development 2.0 with some data. First off, this caliber like previously stated in the prior post has blown our expectations of velocity out of the water. 2900+ FPS is easily obtained. This cartridge has the potential to hit 3000 FPS with a spicier load, or a touch longer barrel. Second, the Berger 135 grain Hybrid Target is capable of yielding the accuracy we desire from our rifles. If the bullet is not capable of shooting under 1/2 MOA, we will not use it in PRS or competition environments.25×47 Load Development Update

25X47 has proven to perform

We wanted to make a point of demonstrating what the expectations of accuracy are. Dimes, plain and simple. If you have never measured a dime before, the above picture is a measurement of dime edge to edge. It measures .703 inches. All the groups fired were done using a set of Atlas CAL bipods and an Armageddon Gear “Gamechanger” rear bag in the prone at 100 yards.

Shooting Dimes

Edge to edge, minus the bullet diameter of .257, the shot group measures at .519 inches. This group was matched numerous times jumping the 135 grain Berger Hybrid .135 inches to .145 inches. The velocity metered was 2950 FPS jumping these. The greater the jump, the better the projectiles grouped in consistency. We found the sweet spot for these jumping them .130+. http://Bergerbullets.com

25×47 Load Development 2.0

We often hear how people’s rifles shoot dimes. First we need an understanding of what the literal dimensions of a dime are. From there, you need to have a repeatable rifle that does not only have a lucky group, but shoots dimes consistently. Most of what is required to shoot groups that are repeatably small is dependent upon the shooter’s capability. It also takes a lot of hard work and testing in particular with unique cartridges. This caliber took 150+ rounds to dial in to the point where its shooting this well. The barrel needs to be properly broken in which in this case took 350+ rounds. We found accuracy on a brand new barrel but it ended up needing a revisit for the recipe for hand loads. Thanks for tuning in to this project. Were wrapping up the posts on this cartridge and the Berger 135 Hybrid. If you are looking for any information on the heavy 25 caliber bullets and loading, feel free to contact us. This was a really fun project for us and the results have been great. Reach out to http://blackjackbullets.com for reamer specs or any other 25 caliber reamers for any possible builds you might be interested in. 25×47 Lapua How-To 25×47 Lapua Load Development 25×47 Load Development Update

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