We decided to make a 200 yard ladder target for you…. or maybe went a little over board! Either way it only benefits you! Below are a couple of targets used to find your load development accuracy node. Place any of these targets at 200 yards and shoot your powder charge weight ladder test to find the sweet spot in your rifle. You should be able to clearly see the points of aim on these with most 20x rifle scopes or higher.

200 yard ladder targets

If you are confused on how to use these, we put a basic explanation on the lower portion to ensure you get the premise. An ideal situation, you should walk away having a good representation of your barrel harmonics a seen below. We decided to run with the 3 rounds touching on the left in this image ranging from 39.0-39.6. We split the numbers and used 39.3 which ended up being a winning recipe. BE ADVISED, DO NOT EVER COPY SOMEONE ELSES LOAD INFORMATION WITHOUT USING PROPER RELOADING PROCEDURES AND PRESSURE TESTING YOUR AMMUNITION. EVERY RIFLE IS DIFFERENT AND UNSAFE CONDITIONS MAY OCCUR FROM IRRESPONSIBLILITY. We recommend you use the Berger Bullets reloading manual or any of the most current reloading manuals available for a starting point for a ladder test. We assume No responsibility for the things you do with reloading. http://Bergerbullets.com



Diamonds Are Forever…

I have always liked using diamonds and the sharp corners as a point of aim. There are so many different options out there and everyone is different. I find the repeatability of the sharp corner with any reticle ends up lending well to repeatability. http://Fullsendfirearmsandammo.com

200 Yard Ladder Target

Using this target is the same as any of the other “X” targets. Use the center if the “X” as the point of aim. When I am in a pinch, I will usually pull a sharpie out and make ”x’s” all over a blank piece of paper or brown paper bag as a zero target and the groups are always superb. You can even reference some photos from previous articles and the group sizes. It clearly works!

“X” Marks The Spot

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